Black And White

What had his life come to? He had a Masters in Visual Design, internships with some of the best marketing companies in the world, connections to movers who knew plenty of shakers. At one point, he had a bright future. Somehow he ended up designing a poster drenched in a drab 90s-era dichotomesque coloring scheme, emblazoned with the profundities of a Sesame Street-watching two-year-old.

Did you know that some issues are black and white? And some aren't? And it is wrong to rape someone? You should know this already. It's a shame you don't, though, because now you made the Rape & Abuse Crisis Center contract some down-on-his-luck artist to ruin his mind making this piece of crap. He's going to kill himself, I just know it. He can't stand living in a world where he had to write those phrases, completely unironically, on a piece of paper devoid of any real art.