Talk about Kubrick. Talk about never escaping. The hallway is a giant circle, with each door leading to other hallways that are just as large and just as circular. The hallway is so long, and the turns so gradual, that you won’t even know it’s a circle unless you make a mark somewhere and walk until you find it again. The only thing that keeps you going is the sign at the beginning that says that there is a right path out of here, and you have until you die to find it.

"CHOOSE WISELY" the sign reads, in every language ever.

What the sign doesn’t say is that the only right path is back down the stairs you took up, but when you close the door behind you they disappear forever. You open the door and it’s just another hallway greeting you.

Some people think they catch glimpses of other people disappearing through doors just ahead of them. Some people just hear doors closing. Some people just give up.