People made much less of a fuss than would be expected when it was proven that mathematics governed the realm of right and wrong. Philosophers were happy to be listened to for the first time in ages - they didn’t have to wait decades for the public-at-large to internalize the pop culture dilutions, and they were more than happy to have to take courses in Calculus and Quantum Physics as compensation. Mathematicians and Scientists, meanwhile, were happy that they were no longer confined to descriptive analysis; they could prove that not only was the theory of evolution scientifically sound, but it was also mathematically moral to accept it, and objectively evil to insist otherwise.

Oh, sure, there were the usual fringe groups with their conspiracy theories plastered onto plasterboard in three-word sendups to protests of old, but like all those that came before they gradually faded away until only a few remained, here and there, safely secluded in their pockets of insanity, on the brink of extinction, their hands tightly locked with those of the flat-earthers, the new-agers, the deconstructionists and the string theorists, hated until the very end, when they and only they reached with fervor for the ignorance of their forefathers, their vision failing as Death finally overcame them.