The metro clanked over the tracks. It was afternoon.

"So… how was your day?" Johnny asked.

Kate rustled. "It was alright," she said after a pause.

The two sat silently.

Johnny absentmindedly rubbed at his wife’s shoulder, thinking of things to say. A father tried to calm his daughter down the tram and Johnny briefly turned to look, interrupting his train of thought. Kate kept staring out the window, slumped beneath her coat.

"I kind of want to go for a walk out here some time," Johnny finally said. "It’s really beautiful out here, especially this time of year."

"Yeah," Kate said.

"You remember when we went hiking once?"

"I think so. You were out of breath a lot."

"I had fun, especially since I was with you."

Johnny smiled at her. Kate didn’t reply.

Clatter. Clank. The metro went into a tunnel, then ground to a halt. A voice over the intercom sounded: "Now at Junction Station…"

Kate’s phone lit up in her pocket. She checked it. "Oh, I need to get off here," she said.

"Right now? Really?"

"Yeah." Kate grabbed her bag and stood up.

"Ok. I’ll see you at home later, I guess. Any idea…"

Kate was out the door. The metro doors closed.

"…when you’ll get home."

The metro clattered away. Johnny saw her bag disappear behind a pillar, then the station disappeared behind a concrete wall.