there were a lot of people around us, but they were all a ways off. i was staring at the band, trying to remember the name of the song they were playing, when i felt her hands on my head, turning it to face her. she smiled and slipped the glasses off my face; they fumbled in her hands as she tried to put them on. i could only make out the broad outlines of what she was doing. i was barely drunk, and she was barely sober.

finally, she managed to get my glasses on. she squinted through them and asked me if i was following her back to the house. i said no, i was going back to robb’s. she nodded and lifted the drink up to her face, the can cradled gingerly between her hands. she seemed to frown behind it as she took a sip. then she looked down. i decided to assume her toes were playing fidget with each other.

you know, she said, the ring on my finger’s a fake. i nodded; it was good for warding off assholes. i looked away and thought about what i wanted to do at robb’s. when i looked back, she was still looking down, but she was smiling now, and i saw her fingers play with the edges of the can. what would happen if, right now, right there in the middle of the park, she grabbed my hand and started dancing with me?

i slipped the glasses off her face and back on to mine. time to go, i said. she nodded and grabbed my hand. let’s get one more drink, she said. i nodded. alright.