i couldn't believe it. she was just… walking, just waltzing right out there in the middle of the road, oblivious to everything around her. she was listening to music, i think, because i could see her wearing this red-and-white striped headset — the big kind, the kind you can see from, well, in the driver's seat in a truck — and i was in such a hurry, i thought about honking at her, trying to let her know she was in my way — but then i thought,she seems so happy, wouldn't it be wrong to ruin that?

so she walked, slowly, ever so slowly, and i let her, i just drove behind her, and i worried if i was getting looks, like everyone assumed i was stalking her or something, but there was no one around. finally she reached the end of the street, and as she turned onto the sidewalk i turned onto the street beside her, and as i drove past i got a good glimpse of her face — it was a beautiful face — and i saw that she was smiling. i did the right thing, i thought to myself, and then i smiled too.