“…And even I know that if the Republicans are in power, that's usually good news on the business side,” the suit rambled on. “I'm not saying they're right or wrong or anything, just that when they hold the reins they pretty much always swing those bad boys in the direction of the free market, you know? They should've called Reagan the ‘Great Deregulator' if you ask me. Slashed taxes, massive defense spending, booming economy, the guy really knew how to treat a company. Oh, say, waitress, can you refill my coffee here? Thanks. Where was I? Right, Republicans. Well, I voted for Obama myself, actually, since he seemed more of a union man and at the time I was part of a union. Now I got my own small business and I'm thinking, maybe I should've voted McCain, you know what I mean? Jeez, it was hell getting a building for my offices. I don't even want to count how many palms I had to grease just to make sure Big Brother wasn't watching my every move. You just can't run an effective business if you've got all those damn laws holding you back.”

“Excuse me, dear,” the waitress said. “Your food is ready.”

“Oh, thank you,” the suit said, and through the forkfuls of food he kept on talking to the silently nodding man to his right.

Later he ordered a slice of pumpkin pie to go.