Golly Gala

“Hey, yeah, I see you. I'm up on the top floor here. You see me? Yeah? Alright, I'll see you in a minute.”

“No, no, take the other staircase, the third one from the door. Yeah, the other two take you to completely different buildings. Alright. See ya.”

“I didn't see an elevator when I came in, no. Did you say it only takes you to the basement? Odd. Call me when you find it again.”

“Okay, so the elevator is out of service now. Is there an emergency landline there? There is? Try that. Alright, call me back when you have news.”

“It's out for how long? And there's no other way out? Hang on, I'm going to talk to someone. Actually, here's someone right now.”

“So what he told me is, there's a staircase three blocks south of where you are now. Yeah, apparently this was a speak-easy rum-runner line back in the day. Call me when you get your bearings.”

“Yeah, he said only three blocks. You go three blocks and take the third right at the blinking green stoplight. Okay.”

“Yes, I'm sure there's a stoplight. He specifically said stoplight. Fine.”

“Oh, it's a spotlight? Huh. Okay then.”

“What do you mean the street's closed for construction? Well, can you walk back? Look, I don't see why you'd be afraid of getting lost. Okay, fine, just get a cab.“

"Alright, if it's been fifteen minutes without seeing a single cab then maybe you can try finding a bus of some sort. I'll look one up.”

“There's a sightseeing bus that goes right by here. The next stop is ten minutes from now just down the road. Take a left and you'll be at the stop. Yup, okay then. Love you too.”

“Honey, it's been half-an-hour. What's up now?

The bus stranded you on the other side of town?
Dear, I…think the day might be a bust.”